BIKE SAFETY COURSE - July 2008 - Marienville, PA

Michael and Melinda instructed a group of 18 aspiring Mountain Bikers :) on the proper use of a
bicycle.  After an intial check up and tire inflation, all children were instructed to don their helmets
for a "fit check" where each child's helmet was adjusted and secured properly for the safest fit.

Handouts were given to each rider explaining the "rules of the road," hand signals, and other
items like proper riding attire.  The bicyclists were then asked to demonstrate the proper hand
signals, rules of the road, and so on with a short slalom ride around the parking lot.

The event concluded with a short refresher on the safety techniques covered and another round
of "follow-the-leader" riding!
Its satisfying to know that you are
making a difference in a child's life
when you teach them how to ride a
bike safely.
Even 3-wheeled bikes were inspected for